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Mother Toddler Program


Our Mother Toddler program – LMI JUNIORS – comprises of various interactive activities that aim to create a bond between the mothers and their toddlers. Our carefully designed curriculum using the “I PLAY, I LEARN” teaching concept, together with the Montessori approach, will aim at improving fine motor skills, linguistic skills, cognitive skills and kinesthetic skills.

The program is intended for the age group 8 months to 14 months old along with mothers/ fathers.

3 days a week : Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Session Time : 4:00pm to 5:15pm
Batch 1 : July to October & Batch 2 : December to March
4 months program consisting of 48 sessions


  1. Opportunity for the child to experience school for the first time with the security of a parent by their side
  2. Encouraging interaction between mother and toddler through fun and play time
  3. Encouraging the toddlers to explore and learn through various activities to develop their emotional, psychological, intellectual, motor skills and social interaction
  4. Developing speech and language skills
  5. Facilitating the mother to learn about various dimensions of the child’s personality
  6. Giving the necessary confidence to a toddler to enter the pre-school independently

What the Mother-Toddler Program has to offer:

  1. Action songs
  2. Balance coordination
  3. Communication
  4. Cognitive skills
  5. Creativity
  6. Emotional skills
  7. Holistic development
  8. Imagination skills
  9. Ideal learning environment
  10. Language skills
  11. Motor skills
  12. Music & movement
  13. Montessori approach
  14. Play and physical activity
  15. Parenting skills
  16. Self Esteem
  17. Socializing
  18. Sharing
  19. Storytelling
  20. Self-expression


What a typical ONE hour at the Mother-Toddler Session includes:

  1. Monthly theme based learning that explore topics like shapes, animals, transportation, all about me, colours amongst many others
  2. Circle time where mothers introduce themselves and their toddlers, greet each other and sing rhymes together
  3. Work time with age appropriate materials to enhance motor movements, language and cognitive skills
  4. Art and craft fun
  5. Group activities like flash cards, books, music and movement, basic exercises and more
  6. Free play


Activities:  Arranging blocks, jigsaw puzzles, stacking rings, sorting shapes, beads and blocks, clay modeling and more. These types of games help to develop the motor and coordination skills of the toddler. Mothers can observe and play these games with the toddlers.

Music, Movement and Art:  Singing, dancing, recitation and drama helps toddlers to express themselves and also to interact with other toddlers. They are allowed to paint and draw their imagination. This gives toddlers the freedom of expression and boosts their confidence. They are free to move around and interact with their peers as well as their mothers.

Indoor play area:  Toddlers can enjoy playing together with their moms on the slides, rockers, balancing beam, ball pit and more. Also, more fun with group games like passing the ball, parachute play and rope play.

After School Montessori Program

Afterschool Montessori Program

This program offers children of the age group 3 years to 6 years the opportunity to comprehend and further refine their concepts in the areas of Language, Mathematics, advance Sensorial and Culture activities with the help of the Montessori apparatus. This program is tailor made for each child’s specific needs in the areas that he needs assistance in. The material helps in getting a crystal clear understanding of arithmetic operations and language related concepts. We also help children develop good homework habits which in turn can make your child feel more confident at school.

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Duration: 04:30pm to 06:00pm (1 hour 30 minutes)

Venue: l’Ecole Montessori International, Andheri West

EME (English Made Easy)

EME Flyer-Facebook

Can you believe, 3 ½ Year Old Children Reading by themselves???

Children in Jr. KG to Std 1 will learn to read independently and confidently through the “Sight Reading” Method, which is successfully practiced in countries like the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K.

Learning to read is an important milestone and a tool for success in a child’s life. The EME programme makes it an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

Each child will progress according to their own capabilities through a specially designed individual based programme which consists of different challenging levels.

The advantage of “Sight Reading Programme” is that when a child can open a book and recognize over half of the text, they can shift their focus to decoding the more challenging words. When a child needs to decode each word in a sentence they become easily frustrated. In addition, they quickly lose the meaning of the text. The challenge shifts to the individual words and not on a sentence as a whole.  As a result the ability to recognize sight words improves reading comprehension. Storybooks will be provided on a weekly basis. Emphasis will be given both on pronunciation and reading.

Emphasis will be given both on pronunciation and reading. Teacher/Student ratio will be 1:10


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Grammar
  4. Composition
  5. Letter-Writing
  6. Picture Composition
  7. Comprehension (Passage/Poems)

Days: Once in a week (pre-decided days at different centres)

Duration: 1 hour (pre-decided batches at different centres)

Contact: Ms. Anjli on 9867555758, 9821252073, 022-65285459 / 60

Currently EME program is conducted at:

  1. l’Ecole Montessori International, Andheri West
  2. Yashodham Playmate Pre-School (Goenka Group of Schools), Goregaon East
  3. Vasant Vihar Playmate School & Junior College, Thane West
  4. St. John’s Universal School, Goregaon West
  5. St. John’s I.C.S.E School, Borivali East
  6. Beacon High, Khar West
  7. RIMS International
  8. Euro Kids, Andheri East
  9. Kudos, Santacruz
  10. Universal High Goregaon West

LMI After-School Club

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